The Best DNA Test Services

Rediscover what family history means by using a DNA test kit and find out more information about who you really are than you ever thought possible. See our list of the top DNA testing services in the industry.

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  • Get results in 4-6 weeks
  • Over 92 million users
Outstanding 9.8
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  • Covers over 350 ethnic regions
  • 5x more ethnic regions
Fantastic 9.7
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  • Best for: biogeographical ancestry results
  • All information kept confidential
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  • Maternal and paternal lineages
  • Neanderthal percentage
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  • Health + ancestry report
  • Build an exercise program
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  • Targets precise genetic locations
  • Paternal and maternal lineages
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Find out What You’re Made of with a DNA Test Kit

What is DNA Testing?

DNA testing examines the genetic code that’s carried in every person’s DNA. The code can be found in the cells of any human material, from a drop of saliva to a smear of blood or a strand of hair.

How Does DNA Testing Work?

DNA testing works by taking a sample of cells from the person who’s undergoing the test. Scientists isolate the DNA code that is at the heart of every single cell and carries the information which determines all of your physical characteristics, from your hair color and height to your chances of developing certain conditions.

How Do I Use the Kit?

If you use a home DNA testing kit, you’ll find all the instructions included. Usually, you’ll be sent a sterile tube to collect your saliva sample. It can be awkward to get enough spit for the test purposes. Some companies send a cheek swab that you rub against the inside of your cheek to get a sample of cells from there, instead.

Once you've collected your DNA sample, you'll seal it into the sterile package and use the included mailing package to send it back to the company. It usually takes a few weeks to get the results, but the timeframe varies; it can be anything from 4 to 12 weeks.

When your results are ready, you’ll typically get an email inviting you to view the results online. Ancestry DNA companies have a dashboard that lets you explore your results.

The Top 3 DNA Testing Kit Providers


Best for: looking for lost relatives

Results in: 4-6 weeks

Test type: cheek swab

MyHeritage DNA is a huge service that supports genealogists as well as providing DNA tests. It offers advanced family history tools and has a very strong online genealogical community to help you make the most of your results.

  • Sync your results with family history data
  • Strong privacy policy
  • Only offers autosomal DNA testing
  • Your details are only stored for 25 years


Best for: building family trees

Results in: 6-8 weeks

Test type: saliva test is a well-established DNA testing company with the largest database of users, at around 6 million people, which gives it an edge when it comes to matching relatives.

  • Largest database of users
  • Stores your DNA information forever
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • No chromosomal browser on offer
  • Only offers autosomal DNA testing


Best for: biogeographical ancestry results

Results in: up to 12 weeks

Test type: cheek swab

LivingDNA is a good choice for anyone who wants reliable information about family origins from the British Isles. By offering all 3 types of DNA tests, it offers an advanced and scientific approach to DNA ancestry testing that promises to deliver more reliable and detailed results.

  • Offers autosomal, Y-DNA, and mtDNA testing
  • Free test updates if results change
  • No chromosomal browser
  • No cousin matching service