Our Top 5 DNA Testing Companies of 2018

DNA testing can tell you a lot about yourself. You can learn about your lineage, your genes, your current health, and even future disease risks. There are many options out there, all offering different services and features.

Are you looking to use an online DNA testing service but aren't sure which one to choose? Read our rundown of the best DNA testing services to choose the right one for your needs.

Connect to family with a DNA testing kit

1. MyHeritage​ MyHeritage

MyHeritage was founded in 2003 and has since grown into a global company with over 92 million users. Its platform and at-home DNA kits enable users to discover their history. You can learn about yourself, including your family’s history and genealogy, the geographical regions your family comes from, and where you fit in your family tree. The kits are easy to use, affordable, and provide you with in-depth and informative DNA results.

Two kinds of results are available – regular ethnicity DNA results, and unique DNA results. Regular results are more basic, whereas the unique results can tell you a ton about yourself and may even help you find long lost relatives. The company prides itself on its innovative DNA testing, and on being a market-leader in the family tree industry.

Some of MyHeritage’s selling points:

  • 8 billion records make it a leader in DNA and family tree analysis
  • Affordable pricing packages ranging from $59-$99
  • Discover connections automatically with Smart Matches and Record Matches
  • Available in over 40 language

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2. Ancestry 

Ever wish you had a famous relative? You just may. A few days after signing up, Ancestry user Emily discovered her lineage traces back to George Washington.

Ancestry helps you discover your family’s wonderful story with just a small DNA sample. Learn about your ethnic mix, where you come from, and who your ancestors were, with features like ancestry hints. You can also use its platform to build your family tree and trace your roots. Ancestry harnesses the information found in records, genetics, and health history to help you gain a new level of understanding about yourself.

Here’s what makes Ancestry special:

  • 5 times more ethnic regions than competitors
  • 14-days free trial and often has promotions with discounted prices
  • Featured on: CNN, USA Today, NPR, and ABC News
  • Toll-free customer support line operating 7 days a week
  • Choose from monthly or 6-month membership packages ranging from $19.99-$199

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3. LivingDNA​ LivingDNA

LivingDNA is one of the most advanced DNA tests, offering more detail than its competitors. Unlike other services, LivingDNA’s 3-in-1 ancestry test fully explores your maternal and paternal ancestry. You can view your results online or in print, both of which put your history into context by showing where you ancestors were at different points in history. You can get a break down of each familial line from across 80 regions worldwide and discover the geographical history of your family with a clear and easy-to-understand results report.

LivingDNA is always expanding and adding new features, such as family matches, which gives you the ability to find and connect with relatives you may not have known existed. All information is kept confidential and secure, and the company goes beyond the leading quality and security standards.

More reasons that LivingDNA stands out:

  • Explore your ancestors’ migration patterns dating back 80,000 years
  • Discover your family, both maternal and paternal
  • View results online or in print – current day overview, the current day map, or the thought history map
  • LivingDNA runs the One Family One World Project, an educational program to teach kids that we’re all connected
  • Ancestry tests cost anywhere between $89-$159 with the option to add a personalized ancestry book for $69

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4. GPS Origins 

GPS Origins is backed by the reputable DNA Diagnostics Center that was founded in 1995. With the belief that technological advancements in DNA testing should make it more accessible and affordable to everyone, GPS Origins aims to do just that.

It offers 2 product options to fit your needs. The first product, DNA Test & Report, is for those that have never taken a DNA test before. You will receive a fully personalized report based on its analysis of your cheek swab DNA sample. The second product, DNA Report, is if you’ve already taken an ancestry DNA test. GPS Origin allows you to send it your results and you will receive amazing insights in return. Both products provide an in-depth ancestry report that details the path of your ancestors and your genetic history.

Why to go with GPS Origins:

  • Test analyzes over 730,000 autosomal markers from your DNA
  • Explore migration routes for both your paternal and maternal ancestors
  • Personalized report shows your top 3 ancestral origins and the percentages of DNA you inherited from each
  • Choose from a regular priced DNA kit for $199, or the DNA report for $79 and upload your own DNA file
  • Backed by the DNA Diagnostics Center

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5. Vitagene​ Vitagene

With most DNA testing services focusing on family history and lineage, Vitagene focuses on health. It’s the #1 best selling lifestyle DNA test that lets you learn about your past in order to shape your future.

With a painless cheek swab, the test results can tell more about yourself with detailed ethnic percentages and origins. Using this information, your results can also tell you the best exercise plan for your body. You will get a plan tailored to your DNA, including ideal activities and ways to reach your weight loss goals. Additionally, the results can tell you which vitamins and supplements you’re lacking, and which foods you should try to avoid. Vitagene takes a health approach to DNA testing by crafting a personalized plan to fit your DNA and lifestyle.

Key features include:

  • DNA-based diet that can help you lose 33% more weight
  • Industry standard security practices ensure security of DNA samples, test results, and personal data
  • 3 products available for $49, $99, and $149
  • Exercise plan crafted to your health and favorite activities
  • Good customer service department available by phone or email

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Discover Yourself

Choosing between the various DNA testing companies is both exciting and nerve wracking. In order to correctly choose the right one for yourself, pinpoint what you’re looking to gain from the test results.

Do you want to learn about your lineage and where your family comes from? Do you want to learn about the right eating and exercise plan for you? The right service for you is out there; brace yourself for a whole new world of discovery.

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