The 10 Best Paternity Tests to Help You Find out Who the Father Is


You need to know if who the father is and you need to know fast. You need a paternity test. Paternity tests stand out as the fastest and most affordable type of DNA test, which is exactly what most users require.However there are other factors to consider when choosing the best DNA paternity test, such as accuracy, type of DNA required, privacy, and more. To help you decide which test is right for you, we’ve gathered the 10 best paternity test brands and have broken them down based on deciding factors.

cheek swab for paternity test

1. MyHeritage DNA 

Price$79 $59/test + shipping (paternity testing may require 2 kits)
DNA SourceCheek swab
Time to Results3-4 weeks
ResultsOnline, any device, in print

MyHeritage stands out as a leader in the world of DNA testing. It simply has such a vast network of registered users—over 92 million—that it can always find at least some sort of familial information and connect you to others within the database. The only drawback for paternity testing is the time it takes for results to come back.

At just $59 per test kit, MyHeritage is the most affordable of the tests on this list. Keep in mind that since MyHeritage doesn’t offer a kit designed specifically for paternity testing, you’ll need to purchase 2 kits—assuming the baby has not had its DNA tested yet. Even purchasing 2 tests won’t break the bank, as the total price still comes out close to the price of other test kits on the market.

sample myheritage report

Sample MyHeritage DNA report

With MyHeritage’s DNA Matching feature, you won’t need to purchase 2 test kits if you have DNA results from another test source. All you need to do is upload your previous results to the MyHeritage database and it will match them for free.

An added value of going with MyHeritage is that on top of information about relatives, you’ll get will also give you an ethnicity report, detailing the geographic makeup of your ancestors. So not only will you discover living relatives, you’ll also learn about the origins of your family.

sample myheritage ethnicity report

Sample MyHeritage ethnicity report

The size of MyHeritage’s database along with its added features makes it a great choice for anyone who needs to do a paternity test and has time to wait for some of the most detailed results around.

Visit MyHeritage DNA


2. Who’zTheDaddy? 

PriceStarting at $119 + shipping
DNA SourceCheek swab (can use other sources of DNA)
Time to Results4 business days once received by lab

Who’zTheDaddy? offers many different types of DNA tests, the fastest and cheapest of which being its paternity test. Each kit comes with swabs for up to 3 people (4 swabs/person), instructions for use, consent forms, and a pre-addressed envelope. It also tests 21 genetic markers—or spots on your DNA—to ensure accurate results, which is reported at 99.9%. The entire documentation provided is about 5 pages long, including easy-to-read documents and how-to’s.

Sample whozthedaddy results

Sample Who’zTheDaddy? Results

Some users have reported the Who’zTheDaddy? results to be difficult to read, which is why each report comes with a short summary below it:

Sample report summary

Sample Who’zTheDaddy? Results Summary

Either probability is 0%, which means you are not the father of the child, or it reads 99.9%, in which case you most likely are the father.

All in all, the Who’zTheDaddy paternity test is a solid choice for anyone looking for a speedy kit with accurate results and can understand detailed reports.

Visit Who’zTheDaddy?


3. HomeDNAdirect 

PriceFlat rate: $119 + shipping
DNA SourceCheek swab (can use other)
Time to Results3-5 business days once received

HomeDNAdirect is the paternity kit company with the most transparent pricing. The website advertises a standard price—$119 per kit + shipping—however HomeDNAdirect stands out from the mix because there are no extra fees, so if you purchase the standard kit with no add-ons, you will be paying precisely $119.

The company touts that it has achieved the highest levels of international accreditation possible for its laboratory, so you can rest assured you’re getting the highest quality results. That’s good to hear, considering this is a home testing kit.

To make the test even simpler, if for whatever reason you’re not able to provide a cheek swab for the person taking the test, you can send other sources of DNA, such as hair, toothbrush, or semen—all for no extra charge. Keep in mind that using other sources of DNA may delay your results and decrease accuracy.

Another great feature that HomeDNAdirect offers is free online chat with a DNA consultant, and you can even have the company call you to discuss your case over the phone. All things considered, HomeDNAdirect is a solid choice for anyone who needs a fast DNA test with transparent pricing and customer service that goes the extra mile.

Visit HomeDNAdirect


4. International Biosciences 

PriceFlat rate: $119 + shipping
DNA SourceCheek swab (can use other)
Time to Results3-5 business days once received

International Biosciences offers features that are similar to other market leaders: it tests 21 genetic markers for precise accuracy, results emailed to you in 3-5 business days once received, accurate results of 99.9%, and transparent pricing of $119 + shipping with no extra fees. But where this company stands out is in its simple purchase process and its US-based laboratory.

The International Biosciences website is clean with an intuitive design that makes it simple to purchase a paternity test. Simply click “order now,” choose which test you want, answer a few questions with drop-down answers, and pay—it’s quite simple.

Sample international biosciences results

Simple-to-read results

The advantage of using a company with a US-based lab cannot be understated. First off, a US-based lab is what makes it possible for your results to be sent to you within 5 business days—sometimes as quickly as 3 business days. Also, it means less travel time and less likelihood of postal mishaps.

One more added bonus of going with International Biosciences is its online resources, such as the FAQ page, knowledge base, and glossary. This company wants to provide you with as much education and know-how as possible so that you don’t feel lost during this sometimes arduous process.

International Biosciences is a good choice for those looking for an easy-to-navigate website with transparent pricing and a solid knowledge base.

Visit International Biosciences

5. EasyDNA

PriceStarting at $119 (to $1,295)
DNA sourceOral swabs
Time to results2-5 working days
Results by Email

EasyDNA is just what the name claims to be. An at-home paternity test, this DNA kit is an easy-to-use cheek swab, highly accurate, and tests 21 genetic markers. Results are received in 3-5 days, so there’s no waiting for your pressing answers.

Customer service and accuracy are both top-quality with EasyDNA, but what’s exceptional about this service is the breadth of tests available. Unlike other services that offer a single paternity kit to suit everyone’s needs and purposes, EasyDNA provides you with a full selection of kits to choose from including:

  • Legal paternity test kit

Legal paternity test kits will give you court-admissible results that can be used in court and for other legal purposes in case you need to prove the relationship between a father and child.

  • Immigration DNA test

This test kit does the same thing as the legal paternity kit for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. So, if you need to prove relationship status with an American citizen, this is a good way to do it.

  • Prenatal paternity kits

This is a convenient test that expecting mothers can take to clarify who the father is. The test is non-invasive and comes with a 99.9% accuracy rate.

  • Discreet testing kit

Discreet testing is available for situations when you cannot get the father’s DNA sample. In such situations, forensic testing is done within the EasyDNA labs on items containing blood, or samples from a variety of items like a used tissue, nail clippings, ear swabs, hair follicle, cigarette butts, chewing gum, or toothbrush. This is a convenient solution for someone who needs to know paternal linkage but isn’t able to ask the father directly or obtain the necessary DNA sample for a full paternity test. Not to mention, this is the cheapest option, clocking in at just $80.

6. Rapid DNA Testing

Price$78.95, sold through Amazon
DNA sourceOral swabs
Time to results2-5 working days
Results by Email

Rapid Screenings DNA testing offers a totally confidential, highly accurate, and affordable paternity testing kit that is convenient and fast. You can take the paternity test at home using painless cheek swabs to collect the DNA sample. After the labs receive your samples, the results will be prepared and ready in 2-3 working days. Rapid Screenings provides DNA test results with 99.99% accuracy rates, testing for 16-21 genetic markers depending on the test.

Additionally, Rapid’s DNA test kit comes with a lowest price guarantee. That means if you find a DNA testing lab that is offering the same testing services as these for a lower price, Rapid will match that price. It says a lot about the service that is willing to make and back up a claim like that.

Rapid’s test results may be submitted to all US courts as genetic match evidence, being accredited as an AABB lab. Results can be used for a variety of legal reasons, including child custody, child support, immigration, wills, estates, court orders, birth certificates, tax forms, adoptions, and more.

7. STK Test Kit

Price$99.99, available on Amazon
DNA sourceOral swabs
Time to results3-5 business days
Results byPosted online, can receive by mail as well

STK is a paternity test kit option that spawned from an unlikely beginning. You might recognize the name SterlingTek as the brand printed on your batteries, card reader, or laptop adapter. Through a series of unusual events, SterlingTek also fathered an AABB, CLIA, CAP, ISO/IEC by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board/FQS- accredited DNA testing kit, and the rest is history.

Today, STK’s paternity DNA test kit has one of the highest probabilities of accuracy rates, 99.99%. The exclusion rate pushes that number up to 100% though. It tests more than 20 markers for paternal links, and all tests are done twice to maintain that accuracy level. STK kits cost $99, and that includes all lab costs, so you won’t be hit with another bill you weren’t expecting. Plus, STK throws in free shipping to make the price even more reasonable.

You’ll also be able to get your STK test kit results quickly. The online results are available in 3-5 business days, but it’ll take a little longer if you want them to mail you a copy of the results. One rare feature that sets STK apart from the rest of the paternity test kit competitors is the after-test support. If you have any questions, if the report is unclear to you, or if you have further investigations you want to pursue, you can reach out to an STK professional to get expert advice and answers to your questions. This is not only unusual for the industry, but it can be extremely helpful and reassuring for someone who is going through a difficult time and needs guidance.

8. Bio-gene

Price$119.00 ($50 each additional child, $75 each father)
DNA sourceOral swabs
Time to resultsAs soon as one day
Results bySecure online portal

Bio-gene is possibly the fastest paternity testing kit available today. The kit should arrive within 2-3 business days, and then you can get your results as soon as the same day in some cases. That’s exceptionally fast.

Another unusual benefit of using Bio-gene is that you can send additional kits out without having to pay for an entirely new service. Additional kits cost just $9.95 per kit and that includes USPS priority shipping and overnight UPS return mailer for the DNA samples taken. Aside from the fact that that is a really generous package deal, this is beneficial if you have more than one child you want tested or more than one adult that is being tested.

Bio-gene has another unique feature people can take advantage of. If you're in a hurry to get your results, you can make your own at-home DNA test kit. This way you don’t have to wait the 2-3 business days for the test kit to arrive. Bio-gene explains on the website how to create a kit, take the DNA samples, and package the samples to avoid contamination during mailing.

9. DNA Direct Solutions

DNA sourceBuccal swabs
Time to resultsAs soon as 2 days
Results byEmail

DNA Direct Solutions’ paternity testing kit is as simple as 1-2-3. You’ll order the DNA test kit online. When it arrives, you use the 2 cheek swabs to collect your DNA sample. Samples are collected from both the father and the child. In some kits, you’ll also take the DNA sample from the mother to narrow down the DNA strands found in the child’s sample to just those of the father. If the mother’s DNA is not available, a DNA Direct Solutions paternity test can still be done with just father and child. Once you finish collecting your samples, send the DNA into the labs using the prepaid return mailer provided by DNA Direct Solutions in the paternity testing kit.

When DNA Direct Solutions’ labs receive the samples, they will analyze the DNA and return your test results in 2 days to your provided email address. This is fast, easy, and non-invasive. What’s more, the results come in an in-depth, detailed, and descriptive report that is several pages long. Despite the results going into such detail, they are easy to understand and written in plain language. Everything is color-coded for simple referencing, making it even more comprehensive. Between the ease of use, speed of delivery and results, and thorough test results, DNA Direct Solutions makes an obvious case for top paternity testing kit.

10. Paternity Depot Kit

DNA sourceCheek swabs
Time to results7-10 days or less
Results byEmail, mail or phone

With a $59 paternity test kit, Paternity Depot is the least expensive option of its kind. Despite having such a cost-efficient option, Paternity Depot uses some of the most advanced technologies to test your DNA samples for 16 loci and delivers 99.99% accuracy for inclusions with an astounding 100% accuracy for exclusions. As you can see, this company is serious business. Paternity Depot’s labs are based in both New York and Toronto, and test kits can be mailed to anywhere in America. The non-invasive procedure is a simple cheek and tongue swab performed on father and child.

Paternity Depot labs are fully accredited, and all testing is done by trained doctors with PhDs. These test results can be used for both legal and informational purposes, whether it's in court, for documentation, or any other use. As with other reliable DNA testing kit services, Paternity Depot runs all tests twice to ensure accuracy. You can have your results sent to your email as soon as they’re completed, or you can get a phone call with the results. This is a useful option if you are not going to be near your email soon or if you want someone to explain all or part of the results to you.

All 10 of these paternity tests are perfect for a variety of needs and reasons. Some stand out for their vast networks of users and detailed ancestry reports, while others have a really fast turnaround process and transparent pricing. Whichever paternity testing company you choose, know that you’re getting accredited and quality service that can help answer this pressing question.

To learn more about these paternity testing services or other DNA testing services, read our in-depth reviews.

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